Engaged in Columbia

It really is a small world, and this?  THIS is SMALLTIMORE.  As soon as Heather and I saw each other this afternoon, we recognized each other from our past lives crossing paths in the beer/energy drink industy.  Heather being on the energy drink side.  And while she no longer works for Red Bull, she has the zest and liveliness that isn’t born in a can.  Dominick is the perfect match for Heather, and I can tell that they balance each other out well.   We had had to reschedule Heather & Dominick’s engagement session previously because Heather had been bit by a friend’s dog.  But she was all healed up & looked fabulous! We met at the Columbia Waterfront, which was the most perfect place to showcase the sparkle in their eyes! The golden sunlight was perfect, the breeze gently blew her hair, and their smiles were killing me!  LOVED this session – thanks guys! 






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