Baltimore Engagement Proposal :: John+Kristen

When John called me to ask if I was available to shoot his surprise engagement proposal, I just about leapt out of my chair with excitement! Proposal photography is one of my favorite things for me to shoot, as I love the thrill of planning it out, being secretive, not getting caught, and capturing this truly once in a lifetime moment! I love the confusion, shock, surprise, and elation that I capture with my camera as the couple begins their happily ever after.

John and I planned to meet in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, as it is a special place for him and his girlfriend, Kristen. John is in the US Air Force, and when returned from his deployment overseas, it was Baltimore where Kristen met him to welcome him home. So as I was standing on one of the piers, my stomach had butterflies as I waited for the two of them to get there. John told Kristen that he wanted to take a picture of the harbor from the end of the pier, and even though it was quite frigid out, she went along with it. About halfway out to the end of the pier, she asked him “Do we really have to go out to the end!?” His answer was “No”, as he suddenly stopped, spinning her around, and dropping to one knee. You can see the emotions quite clearly in the photos – confusion, shock, surprise, elation….and I couldn’t tell if I was crying or if the freezing wind was making my eyes water 😉 After she responded with an enthusiastic YES! I congratulated the two of them and we had a little mini-engagement session along the waterfront of the Inner Harbor.

John+Kristen – CONGRATULATIONS!!! The incredible love between you is evident, and I can tell that you make each other laugh each and every day. Thank you for trusting me to capture this amazing moment!! Good luck with the planning!
Much Love, tPoz

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  1. Emily says:

    Awwww, these are great! I love seeing the wide range of emotions. So nice that they will have these to look back on forever.

  2. kathy says:

    Awww, so cute!! Proposals are so awesome. I’m glad more and more people are having them documented! 😀 Lovely pictures!

  3. Dani says:

    These had me so teary when I saw them yesterday on facebook! Adorbs!!

  4. Oh this is so sweet! I just love engagements. You sneaky photographer you. He did a good job! [Oh ps, have I told you how much I LOVE the new site layout?!]

  5. Precious! <3 Love when you're snapping the moment and then you see her put her head on his chest. just the shy excited emotion is captured so preciously!

  6. Urška Majer says:

    What a great proposal & gorgeous photos!

  7. Julie says:

    What a stud!! Hottie

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