BYE BYE BYE :: Germany Bound Brother

Today’s procrastination project brought to you byyyyyy….my little brother!  (Ok, not so little by any stretch of the imagination, standing tall at 6’7″, but he’s still younger, and therefore little.)  But I did just spend the last 30 minutes looking through my scrapbooks (man did I have a good time in college!!!) to find the photos below.  So I blame my late start to the day on you, kiddo….

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Jason, along with his lil family of Jenn and Collin.  They were “leaving on a jet plane…”  departing the sunny state of Florida to head back to Germany for the next 3.5 years, serving with the United States Air Force.    Now, Big Bear (that’s what all my sorority sisters dubbed him back in college) hasn’t lived within 1,000 miles of me in the last 14 years.  So it really is a bit silly that I was so sad that he was leaving.  And this wasn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last time I have to say goodbye for a while.  You can enjoy some of my scrapbooked goodbye’s that we’ve had.  While I couldn’t be there in person yesterday to do this….I told them that I felt like clutching onto their legs, and having a child-like tantrum, kicking, crying and screaming – DON’T GOOOO!!   I’m a huge crybaby, and am even wiping a few tears away now…I know I know, makes no sense, I’m retarded, whatever.

However, I know that this new adventure they’re about to embark on, will be an amazing one.  I imagine they are just about landing in Germany now, after a 9 hour flight from Atlanta.  I hope that it was a quick flight, for lil Collin, and for Jason + Jenn’s sanity  😉     So instead of my child-like meltdown, I will act *slightly* more mature and tell you that I hope your travels were safe, house hunting is quick and painless, and you guys settle in comfortably.  Missing you guys already!

PS –  I know that weddings have to happen in Germany all the time….**WILL WORK FOR AIRFARE!**  lol…hook a sister up with some referrals! 🙂

PPS – Yesterday was a big day for my beautiful MOM too!!  It was her last day at work, as she retired from 33+ years of working for the US Postal Service!  Enjoy the life of leisure mama!!

PPPS – I know you’re mad jealous of my scrapbooking skillllz  😉

Jason broke his foot right before he was supposed to report to Basic Training.  Side note – horrible angle on the two of us!!!
This photo was taken the last time my brother was stationed in Germany.
My sister Katie, and my hubs Poz, visited him in 2006 during the World Cup Soccer games.
 This picture, I am pretty sure, was taken in Rome though  😉  Can’t wait to revisit!  






  1. Dani says:

    Bye little big bear!! My bro was stationed in Germany for a few years with the Army, he is back in Kentucky now and it is awesome knowing he is at least in our country, doesn’t seem like a world away until they are off our soil. I had no idea we both had military bros!! I hope everything goes incredibly smoothly for him and his family!!

  2. wow – he’s so well traveled!!

  3. Katie says:

    wow Germany! I hope we get to live somewhere awesome like that one day! (By awesome, I mean europe)

  4. Lindsey says:

    Hope you enjoyed your time together… guess you’ll be planning a trip to Germany! 😉 And to your brother and family… Thank You for Serving Our Country!!


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