Christmas Morning : Walmart Commercial 2010

“Wake up, it’s Christmas, come see the tree, There’s presents underneath it, and I know there’s some for me, Get moving Mom and Dad, wake up already please, How can you still be sleeping when it’s 6am at least? Come with me downstairs, and make it fast, I’ve waited weeks, I’ve waited months, our Christmas morning’s here at last!  Wake up, it’s Christmas.”

Regardless of what you think about Walmart…you have to love this commercial.  Watching it, my soul immediately reverts back to my eight-year-old-self, conspiring with my six-year-old-brother, on how long we actually had to wait until we could wake up mom & dad to go downstairs to see what Santa Clause had brought us.  And once we had woken them up – we still had to wait at the top of the stairs, without peeking, for mom to go downstairs to take pictures of the tree & all of our presents.  It was PURE TORTURE.  And pure unadulterated BLISS.

And even after we had gotten old enough that we wanted to sleep in, instead of getting up at the crack of dawn – we still had our little sister (eight years younger than me) – who was intent on waking the rest of us up to see the bounty.  If you could see the smile on my face right now, remembering both of these times….you would know that my whole soul is doing the smiling.

Wishing you all an *early Christmas morning* filled with the blissful smiles and excitement of an eight-year-old….regardless of your age  🙂







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