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Next to weddings, engagement proposal photos have to be my favorite thing to shoot!!  I love the suspense, the thrill, the Double-Oh-Seven moves, and the range of emotions crossing the proposee’s face  (I know, not a real word…)  So I was beyond excited when Jared asked me to photograph his engagement proposal to his girlfriend, Stephanie.  They had both gone to the University of Maryland, College Park, and it was a special time on campus – FINALS TIME.  At Maryland, it’s tradition for students who spend their time in the library, to pay hommage to the Terrapin (the college’s turtle mascot, in case you didn’t know!) Statue outside of the library.   They leave offerings around him of every kind – cigarrettes, candy, red bull, beer – in hope that he will bring them good luck on their finals.

Thinking way ahead, and wanting to make sure he had every angle covered, Jared had set up numerous cameras, videos, laptops recording, and last but not least – the professional photographer – ME!  I watched as he laid down a “magic carpet” that he had bought for Stephanie years ago, and carefully placed 3 roses on it.   Jared had arranged for Stephanie’s brother to blindfold her, and drive her from Federal Hill to College Park’s campus, where Jared met her at the car.  He proceeded to lead his blindfolded girlfriend through throngs of hustling students, over to the statue, which overlooks the sprawling campus lawn.  When she was finally allowed to remove the blindfold, Jared was down on one knee, offering some beautiful bling to his bride-to-be!  After she exclaimed YES! (and she figured out where the heck she was!) we mosey’d around the campus for a mini-engagement session.

Jared+Stephanie – thanks for an amazing shoot! I am honored that I was able to capture this special moment in your lives!  Jared – you are AWESOME for thinking ahead, and capturing it ALL on camera.  I really encourage every guy out there to hire a photographer – capturing her reaction to your engagement proposal will be such a priceless gift!

Much Love,   tPoz

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  1. Brea says:

    This is so stinking cute! I love how much thought he put into the proposal, it totally touches my heart. You can tell a lot about a guy who really puts effort into making the proposal memorable. 🙂

    Beautiful photos! I love her reaction. What a fantastic idea!

  2. Dani says:

    I love your proposal shoots!!! I want to do one so bad!!! These two are adorbs!! Gorgeous ring!!

  3. What a fun way to get your engagements done! They look so happy!

  4. How cute!! Love the surprise of the engagement/proposal shoot!! Cant wait to see the wedding pictures as well! 😉

  5. These are the sweetest. I just love engagement photography. I feel like it is just as emotional as the wedding day. She was so surprised. 🙂

  6. What an adorable sequence and holy rock! <3


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