First Foster Doggie : Lorraine

So I previously posted about how I have been volunteering at BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter) over next to Ravens Stadium….and since that post, I have photographed almost 150 dogs for their glamour shots!  Volunteering my time and photography has given me a new passion and purpose.  These poor dogs that meet the unfortunate fate of being brought into the shelter world, have done nothing wrong, and have no voice to say so.  They also face the imminent danger of euthanasia due to lack of space at the shelter.  But that’s a totally different blog post…

THIS blog post is about a specific dog that hubby & I met while walking dogs at the shelter – Lorraine.  We actually met her & her brother, Lawrence (who has been adopted!), together, and we spent about 20 minutes with them romping in the runs.  Poz lapped up the love that Lorraine was showering him with, and she snuggled close with hope in her eyes.

To make a very long story short – today we are fostering Lorraine.  I am beyond thrilled that I can be part of the “good” in the system, and that we have been able to save her life.  She is currently lounging at the Poz Palace until she can be spayed and move on to her Fur-Ever Home!!  She is the sweetest dog ever, and just walking her through the neighborhood, people have asked about adopting her.  During a few quiet moments this morning, after working on “Sit” and “Paw”, Lorraine posed for a few pictures.  I couldn’t ask for a cuter foster baby, and her new family is extremely lucky to be getting such a great dog!

If you have the heart and the home, please consider fostering for BARCS.  You will literally be saving not just one life, but two, and your karma will be that much richer  🙂   If you aren’t able to adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, donate.  Donate money, old linens & towels,  treats, leashes, collars, tennis balls, etc….  The smallest gesture can mean the world to a homeless dog or cat.  
Much Love ♥ tPoz




  1. Anonymous says:

    Correct. Teri is a “DO”er. I’ve seen her at the shelter, walking dogs, taking pictures, donating time and effort, attending events, supporting in a very tangible way…..Thank you Teri.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t if feel so good to save a life? Thank you to you and your husband for doing such good in such a broken system and making a difference for an innocent life.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, Teri and Poz, for opening your home and hearts to Lorraine!! Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience (been DOing it for the best pibble rescue ever for the past 18 months). Without people like you – the DOers – dogs like Lorraine would not have a chance (or be given a chance and lose it due to incompetence). Thank you for taking a potentially heart-breaking story and turning it around into the happiest Happy Tail I could imagine! You ROCK!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Teri, these photos are beautiful and capture the essence of what can happen when people stop simply supporting a cause and take real action. Thank you for giving her the home and the chance she deserves.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Teri and Poz. Isn’t it wonderful to get a dog out of the stress of the shelter? You can just feel how relieved she is, how she relaxes and loves the real world, and can hardly believe that she is OUT and WITH YOU. Thank you thank you thank you! Maggie Argent

  6. Sam Smith says:

    I love these pictures! I was wondering if you knew about glamour shots prices reviews? I would love to get this done for my pets.


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