Fitness Photos :: Heather Hatfield

After spending an afternoon watching Heather rocking the monkey bars, deadlifting some weights & swinging the kettlebell, I was exhausted! haha! Heather is a trainer at the brand new  Under Armour Performance Center in Locust Point, and was looking for a few action shot fitness photos, as well as headshots. She teaches classes and offers personal training – if you are looking for some hard-core (I mean, she teaches a class called UA-EXTREME…..) workouts – I would recommend checking her out! Thanks for a great session Heather! Much Love, tPoz

Heather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0012Heather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0002Fitness PhotosHeather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0004Fitness PhotosHeather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0006Heather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0007Fitness PhotosHeather Hatfield Fitness PhotosHeather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0010Under Armour Gym Fitness PhotosHeather-Hatfield-Fitness-Photos_0013Heather Hatfield




  1. Caitlin says:

    my body hurts just looking at these, haha. she looks gorgeous even when doing those insane exercises!

  2. Maria Linz says:

    Awesome Teri. I want her body. Love that last one!


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