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If you’ve been following my FB page, or if you’re a devoted blog reader – you know that I volunteer as much as possible over at the Baltimore City animal shelter – BARCS.  Whenever I mention that I foster dogs, I inevitably hear “I could never do that, I wouldn’t be able to give them up!”  And while I miss Lorraine and Precious, two of my previous foster puppies, I am MORE thrilled when I hear that they have happy loving homes filled with puppy kisses.  I also love knowing that by not keeping them for myself, that I am able to continue to save doggies in need.   Right now, more than ever, BARCS is in serious need of foster parents for the dogs and cats.  They are seriously out of space, which unfortunately means euthanasia.  (side note – in high school, I was verbally assigned to write a paper on the topic of euthanasia…I sat quietly and thought about it.  Then I asked my teacher…but WHAT about the youth in Asia??  yeah, I’m blonde!)

A week and a half ago, we hosted Roxie for an overnight sleepover party.  She had been adopted, but was waiting for her spay surgery before she could go home.  By us taking her until her surgery – it opened up a kennel for another dog that night – sparing their life.  The next day, I sent Roxie on her way, and wished her an amazing life.

Unfortunately, Roxie’s new fur brother didn’t like sharing his mommy’s attention, and attacked Roxie.  So long story short, Roxie is back at the Poz Palace to recoup and recover from her wounds.  She is such an incredibly sweet dog, and I am excited about finding her a new forever home.  She is housebroken, was great in playgroup with the other doggies, walks like a dream on the leash, takes treats gently, and knows commands like “sit” “stay” and “leave it”.

Please share Roxie with your friends or anyone you know interested in adopting their new best friend. If you are interested in fostering or learning more, please also consider Animal Allies Rescue Foundation (AARF) and Bella’s Bully Buddies, both of which are amazing rescues with fantastic people!   And remember – you can help in all sorts of different ways!  The animals always need linens, treats, peanut butter (for kongs), empty pill bottles (for dog/cat meds), and an assortment of other things on the Wish List.

And because it’s not a blog post without pictures – here are some iPhone pics of Roxie!  (I’ve been too busy snuggling with her to whip out the real camera, but those will be forthcoming soon!)

^^These three were of Roxie on her overnight – she was a great supervisor and kept me on track while she laid underneath my desk on my feet!
This one is of Roxie yesterday morning – taking a little snooze in her crate.




  1. Abby Grace says:

    She’s so pretty! Hope she finds a home soon. I wish we could take in another pup but it’s a ridiculously large fee per pet at our apartment complex :/.

  2. hope she finds a loving family soon!!

  3. How awesome!! I would maybe like to do something like this when we have a house. Hope she finds a good home soon!

  4. Dani Leigh says:

    Poor Roxie!! She is adorbs!!


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