Legal Pup! [Doggie Pet Portraits]

Saturday was my dogter (get it, she’s my dog and my daughter?!!), Holly Pancetta’s, third birthday! So in dog years – she can finally join the rest of the family with jello shots and keg stands! And if there is one thing Momma Poz (my MIL) can do with style…it’s throwing a party!
With a gaggle of doggie friends surrounding her, Holly certainly enjoyed her birthday party – full of swimming, running, fetching the ball, and of course, EATING!   Momma Poz got her a birthday princess sash and crown to wear, as well as some oversized sunglasses!  And all the other dogs donned lei’s to celebrate with her!  A beefcake served as her birthday cake, and the pups sang (howled to her) before devouring their slices.  Each dog went home with some ‘pup-corn’ as favors!
This picture shows the perma-smile that never left her face – until 6pm when she passed out cold!

Holly Pancetta        –        Kenly      –        Linda with the dogs! 
Drake    —     Duke
Angel and Drake
Duke is a Diving Board Jumper!
Holly was not loving the Princess Sash!
Happy Birthday my little princess pup Holly Pancetta!





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