Letting go of my Foster Dog :: Gracie Lou

Ok, wow.  I’ve been REAAAAALLY slacking on the blog front.  I hope you all will cut me just a little bit of slack with my sob story  😉

Gracie Lou came to our home as a super sick dog, with severe pneumonia, and was super scared of every little thing. After a stay at the ER Hospital, lots of meds, IV Fluids, Nebulizer treatments, and coupage, she is now quite the thriving snuggle doggie!! I truly love this little nugget – and truth be told, I was not actively seeking out a home for her.  Nevertheless, her forever home found her. 

Now, this is one of those moments where I get to say “I was right!” to my mom. Back in college, she didn’t want me to join a sorority, thought it was a waste of time and money. I know now she agrees that it was one of the best decisions I made. Zeta Tau Alpha gave me amazing friends and opportunities. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with my foster dog….well today, Gracie Lou is leaving the Poz Palace, and going to her FOREVER HOME – one with one of my sorority sisters!! I am so thankful that Jamie+Greg, and their Rottie, Busca, are excitedly welcoming Gracie into their family.

This was Gracie when she heard the news that she was being ADOPTED!!

**Instagram pic**

So the happy tears have been flowing all day long, and as much as I’m throwing myself a pity (Pittie!) party, I really am happy for Gracie + her new family! Somehow Poz got out of being here for her departure….me thinks to avoid bawling alongside of me 😉

And once again – To steal a passage from the Lucky Dog Rescue Blog :: “Fostering is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me more joy, laughter, and love than I deserve. At the end, there’s always heartbreak. But never for a second does the sadness outweigh the joy. Never do the tears outweigh the laughter. And never does the pain outweigh the love. Heartbreak heals… but love is forever.” 

We love you Gracie Lou!!!
Miss G. Lou
Foster SEEEEEEEESTERS  (Sisters if you don’t have a mexican accent)
Sitting pretty Miss Gracie!!
waiting patiently for treats
who us?  we’re not on the couch.  swear mom.
cue the Sarah McLachlan music….  😉
Please consider fostering.  
You will literally be saving an animal’s life.
Visit these websites for fostering opportunities:





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