Letting Go of my Foster Dog :: Roxie

Damnit…I thought I could get through this post without sobbing…..I’m such a crybaby!

Bittersweet.  It’s been 48 days since I got the word that Roxie had been severely attacked by her new adoptive family’s dog, who had become jealous of her.   Without hesitation, Poz and I anxiously went to pick her up, not knowing what we would find when we got there.  She was sullen and obviously in a great amount of pain, with numerous puncture wounds on her neck and face….but I could tell she was happy to see us.  Poz rode in the back seat with Roxie in his lap as we made our way back home.  48 days+a neck shaving+bandages+sedatives+some TLC to nurse her back to health and Roxie looks fantastic!  Her hair is almost all grown back and her spirits are high!  She loves to go for our long morning walks, she throws herself on her back with a crazy face for belly rubs, she has started to love playing with Holly Pancetta, and she is an amazing snuggle-pup!  Even her snoring is adorable!    So you can see where the bitter part of letting her go fits in.   But oh so sweet, in that TODAY, she is being adopted by a great young couple who is very excited to have her join their little family  🙂

Miss Foxy Roxie…I am ecstatic for you!  I wish you the very best life – the one that you have deserved this entire time.  And while your tiny little brain can’t possibly comprehend the impact that we’ve had on one another – you’ve made me a better person.

I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to foster dogs, and help to give them an amazing life.   And while I am sad to see Roxie leave our little nest, I smile through my tears knowing that with her leaving, I will be able to help save another dog down the road.

To steal a passage from the Lucky Dog Rescue Blog :: “Fostering is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me more joy, laughter, and love than I deserve. At the end, there’s always heartbreak. But never for a second does the sadness outweigh the joy. Never do the tears outweigh the laughter. And never does the pain outweigh the love. Heartbreak heals… but love is forever.”     
Love you Rox!!

baltimore pet photographer
She’s so serious when the camera comes out – I call this her “Blue Steel”
Baltimore pet photographer foster pitbull
Roxie loves her bones, and learned to give “paw”!
Baltimore pet photographer
Roxie + her foster sister, Holly Pancetta
Baltimore pet photographer
Finally – a real photo showing some personality!!  This photo makeamelaugha!  Roxie cracks me up rolling around on her back for some belly rubs!  You can kind of see some of the scars on the right side of her neck in the bottom left pic.   And in the top left pic – notice her two front bottom teeth are missing?  Adorbs.  😉
Baltimore pet photographer
Again with the Blue Steel!  Sheesh Rox – loosen up a bit!  😉
Please consider fostering.  
You will literally be saving an animal’s life.
Visit these websites for fostering opportunities:





  1. Jen Denning says:

    It’s very bitter sweet – but helping to save a life is pretty amazing!! Thanks for all that you’re doing to help Baltimore’s homeless animals TPoz. I’m proud to be able to consider you a friend 😉 …and if you need a puppy fix to cheer you up, feel free to come over and see my new foster puppy :):)

  2. Natalie says:

    This post got me a little teary eyed… It’s amazing how much caring for a dog can change your life!

  3. Shell says:

    Awww. *sobs* This is just too sweet. It’s a great thing you’re doing, wonderful work.


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