Letting Go of my Foster Doggie :: Shay

Maybe dogs really do know it all.  When I woke up yesterday to Holly and Shay snuggling together, it almost seemed to me as if Holly was bringing her close, to tell Shay – “Hey listen, things are gonna get kinda crazy and you’re gonna go to a new house soon…but trust me, things are gonna be just fine.”

Today, our foster doggie Shay is leaving the nest – bound for her forever home – one that includes a new big fur-brother, a yard to play in, and lots of love from her new mom and dad.  We were lucky to have this amazing little nugget of a pibble join our home almost a month ago.  She was terrified and trembling in the shelter, but opened up with the gentlest of kisses when I brought her home.    I wasn’t looking for a home for her, but like clockwork, her forever home found her.  And as I sit here throwing myself a little “pittie party” because I want nothing more than to keep Shay forever, I can’t help but be so happy for her and her new family.   I have to thank my Holly-girl for being such a good foster sister.  Six dogs have come in and out of our home, in their brief stays before finding their forever homes, and she has tolerated each of them, helped teach them boundaries, and eventually grew to love and snuggle with each of them.

And once again – To steal a passage from the Lucky Dog Rescue Blog :: “Fostering is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me more joy, laughter, and love than I deserve. At the end, there’s always heartbreak. But never for a second does the sadness outweigh the joy. Never do the tears outweigh the laughter. And never does the pain outweigh the love. Heartbreak heals… but love is forever.”

Shay – Happy Adoption Day!! Enjoy this life –  the one you have always deserved!  We Love You!!!  XOXO

I was lucky to have Shay as one of my Valentine’s, but she was searching for her forever Valentine and found them  🙂blue pitbull love

The first day Shay came home

Such the attention whore…but she looked so dang cute vying for it!!

All the doggies like to hang out under my desk as I work…Shay was no exception.

Approaching snuggle status….that’s how I know our time with Shay will be ending soon…

I had just gotten word that Shay had a potential adopter.  She was pretending to be asleep so she didn’t hear me  😉

Ahhh…the definitive telltale snuggle sign that a foster is about to leave us….Holly shares her bed for some Shay-snuggles






  1. Dani says:

    Last night Teri, I watched We Bought A Zoo for the second time, I literally sobbed….again. The first time I was on an airplane and people thought I was insane. And now I am tearing up just typing this. Animals are so special!! Especially pups!! But I am excited for Shay’s new adventure and wish her the happiest adoption day!!

  2. Brea says:

    Oh my goodness, I am crying. No joke. Tears falling down my cheeks. You are amazing for being a foster puppy mommy and doing what’s best for them, helping them find their forever home, even after falling in love with them all!! Happy Adoption day, pretty pittie!

  3. Jaimie says:

    You can tell how happy Shay is now just by the way she holds her ears up. Great job Poz family. My kids love hearing about all the good that you do for these pups.

  4. Lauren C says:

    Ok….I’m crying. I admire you so much for being a foster puppy parent. That’s something I would love to do but just don’t think I have the strength for. So happy for sweet Shay!! 🙂

  5. Kristy says:

    Yup, fostering is THE most rewarding thing a person can do, aside from raising a two footer. A special place in heaven is reserved for you. Being able to give freely and let go is a gift not many are willing to attempt. HIGH FIVE!

  6. Stevie says:

    Shay was lucky to have you as a foster mom! What a great program!! Great meeting you at Women and Wine last week. I love your new website.


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