Rosewood Farms Engagement Session :: Alessandra+Hayley

In the heart of winter, on a crisp and sunny day, Alessandra and Hayley joined me for their Rosewood Farms engagement session. The picturesque venue provided the perfect setting for them to capture their love and anticipation before their upcoming wedding.

As the sun cast its golden rays upon the cold landscape, the couple explored the sprawling grounds of Rosewood Farms. Despite the chilly weather, their spirits were warm, and laughter filled the air. Alessandra and Hayley’s vibrant personalities made the session a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The love and connection between Alessandra and Hayley were palpable throughout the afternoon. From their playful banter to the sweet stolen glances, it was evident that these two extraordinary women shared a deep bond. Their genuine laughter and shared joy exemplified the incredible relationship they had built.

As the engagement session drew to a close, a tender and unexpected moment unfolded. Hayley had previously proposed to Alessandra, and with heartfelt nerves and overflowing love, Alessandra took a leap and proposed to Hayley. Without hesitation, Hayley’s radiant smile and resounding “yes” filled the air, sealing their commitment to a lifetime together.

Warmth, love, and anticipation fill the air as Alessandra and Hayley prepare to embark on their next chapter. Their engagement session at Rosewood Farms not only captured the essence of their love but also served as a beautiful prelude to the promise of an unforgettable wedding day. A+H – I can’t wait for your wedding day at Rosewood Farms! Much love, ❤️ tPoz

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Two women laughing together as they walk.
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same-sex engagement photos in Maryland
same-sex engagement photos in Maryland
Rosewood Farms engagement session
two women dancing by the Rosewood Farms pond
Two women laughing and holding hands as they walk
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silhouette of the silo and two women at their Rosewood Farms engagement session
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Rosewood Farms engagement session
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Rosewood Farms engagement session
Rosewood Farms engagement session
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Rosewood Farms engagement session
Rosewood Farms engagement session
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lesbian engagement photos
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