Saving the world…one man, woman and dog at a time [Baltimore Photographer Volunteering]

You may have seen my previous blog posts about the volunteer opportunities that I have applied myself to…My Sister’s Place Women’s Shelter and Earl’s Place.  Volunteering is relatively new to me.  Maybe I’ve been too busy.  Maybe I’ve been selfish.  Maybe I’ve wanted to pretend bad things don’t exist.   But karma sure is somethin’…..and I want it to be good!!  I feel that I’m extremely blessed – I am able to do a job that I love, and I have the best friends, family, and best dog’ter that I could ask for.  And for that, I want to give back in the small ways that I can.

BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter) is right down the street from me, next to Ravens Stadium.  Until recently, I’ve never been there & had no idea how many animals were housed there.   When I went for volunteer orientation, my mind was simply blown, when I saw that at any given time, there can be over 200 dogs in the shelter, looking for their forever homes.  Now – there are a TON of cats too – and even though I’m not so much a cat person – the sheer number of cats – and itty bitty kittens – was absurd.  Making eye contact with these pets, knowing that they have done nothing wrong, and simply want to love, and be loved, is heart breaking.  I knew the minute I stepped foot in the shelter, that I was meant to be there to do what I can to save these animals.  In addition to walking the pups & giving them some play time, I’ll be photographing the adoptable dogs.

Good karma can be yours too!  😉  I urge you to consider adopting a dog, fostering a dog until  it goes to it’s new forever home, or volunteering – at BARCS or at another shelter.  There is always a need for dog walkers, kitty cuddlers, escorts for potential adopters, and special event staff (like Yappy Hour or Barctoberfest).

So here is the beginning of what will likely be an onslaught of adoptable doggie pictures.   If by sharing these photographs, I can help to save just one dog, it will be worth it.   Much Love, tPoz

Big thanks to Dana Cubbage Photography for getting me up to speed with the process of photographing the dogs! 







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