Sneak Peek @ Sagamore Farm Wedding

Perfect. This wedding was just PERFECT. I absolutely can not wait to share the rest of these images from this Sagamore Farm wedding!   {edited to add  :: check out the rest of their wedding HERE!!}
Much Love, ♥ tPoz

Sagamore Farm Wedding
Sagamore Farm Wedding




  1. This wedding is awesome!! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Erin Wheeler says:

    Ah sooo beautiful! I’m in love with that red truck and the mountains in the background! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. Laura says:

    This looks like such a beautiful wedding spot, can’t wait to see more!

  4. Brea says:

    Whhhaaaaattttt. You can’t do that! Post just a couple beautiful pictures and not tell us when the rest will be ready!? Uncool, dude. Uncool.

    These are stunning and I can’t wait to see more!

  5. Dani says:

    Seriously. I am with Brea on this one. Post more!!

  6. Matoli says:

    The black and whites are stunning!!!


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