St. Martin Wedding ‘Day After’ Photos :: Irina+Tim

Irina+Tim wanted to spend their St. Maarten / St. Martin wedding day with their friends and family, so instead of taking too much time for pictures then, we did a Day-After Portrait Session!  I absolutely love that they gave me the time to photograph them in the islands beautiful surroundings!  And even though the weather wasn’t as beautiful as it was for their wedding day, the overcast light made for some nice even lighting!  We started over in Coconut Grove, where I had every intention of photographing them amidst the coconut trees, but the cacti were calling my name!  From there, we headed over to the cliffs on Cupecoy Beach, which are just gorgeous!  I love how the waves look calm and innocent….they totally WEREN’T!!  My amazing assistant (and husband!), Poz, while excelling as my “Light Master”, was also on “wave patrol” so that we didn’t get swept away by a rogue wave!  Regardless – we all got quite soaked & sand blasted!  This Day-After session was quickly turning into a Trash The Dress Session, and poor Tim’s leather shoes will never be the same!   😉  Some of my favorite shots are the ones of them running out of the water from a big wave!  So much fun!  Irina+Tim – thanks for giving me the time to create these images in your St. Maarten Portrait Session, and for being such troopers in the water!

Much Love,  tPoz
St. Martin Wedding PhotosStMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0001.jpgStMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0002.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0004.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0007.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0010.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos - Cupecoy Beach St. Martin Wedding Photos - Cupecoy Beach St Maarten-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0013.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0015.jpg StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0016.jpg StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0017.jpg St Maarten-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0019.jpg StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0020.jpg StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0021.jpg StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0024.jpg Cupecoy Cliffs Beach Wedding Photos St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0029.jpg St. Martin Wedding Photos

St. Martin Wedding Photos StMartin-Destination-Wedding-DayAfter_0032.jpg

the end.




  1. Brea says:

    LOVE these!!! St. Maarten is so beautiful! This definitely makes me want to go! The cacti, the cliffs, so gorgeous! I bet they’ll love these! What a great way to spend time with family and friends for the wedding but still get amazing photos at the destination!

  2. Emilia Jane says:

    So fun! I love that second photo.

  3. Such a great idea to do a day after session!!!

  4. Laura says:

    These are so beautiful and the setting couldn’t be more gorgeous! I love that they got in the water at the end too!

  5. Katie says:

    That cactus background is freaking awesome! Love those!

  6. Urška Majer says:

    Love the beach photos…gorgeous!

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  8. WOW, love the sunset ones!! Beautiful photography here!


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