Maryland themed wedding

Maryland Themed Wedding at the BMI :: Abigail+Bernard

This Maryland couple had a very Maryland themed wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry! Abigail+Bernard included some eccentric and fun details, like the Natty Boh bouts, the Flag painted shoes, State flag socks, and Black-Eyed Susan bouquets! I also loved that Bernard embraced his inner-nerd, with his keyboard cufflinks.  The day started out with […]

April 20, 2016


Indian Wedding Mendhi Celebration

Indian Wedding Mehndi Celebration :: Jamie+Cecil

The day before Jamie+Cecil’s wedding, Jamie’s friends and family gathered at her parents house for the Indian Wedding Mehndi Celebration & Sangeet.  This was a time for the bride to be blessed with sanctified rituals*.  The henna that was applied to Jamie’s hands, had Cecil’s name spelled out in the artwork, and he was tasked […]

December 15, 2014


Same-Sex Engagement Proposal :: KT+Tasha

In celebration of Baltimore Pride weekend, I am thrilled to share this same-sex engagement proposal!  Ok, two proposals! Tasha called me up, and said that she was going to propose to KT, and asked if it was something I wanted to photograph. ummm. YES!!! I love photographing surprise engagement proposals! I was uber excited, and […]

June 13, 2014