DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos

DC Cherry Blossom Engagement :: Brittany+Rich

Brittany+Rich currently live in the District, and really wanted to include their city all abloom, for their sunrise DC Cherry Blossom Engagement photos!  This spring was so finnicky, and Mother Nature really had us jumping through hoops, rescheduling this session so many times, in order to shoot during the peak blossom dates.  But we were […]

June 11, 2018


Cherry Blossom Engagement Pictures

Cherry Blossom Engagement Session :: Cailey+Fritz

I’m not a morning person AT.ALL.  But getting up early, and driving down to DC for Cailey+Fritz’s Cherry Blossom Engagement Session was enough to make me squeal with excitement!  Cailey had told me that Fritz didn’t have all that much imput in the wedding planning, but that shooting during the Cherry Blossoms was his idea […]

May 15, 2013


Sneak Peek @ DC Engagement Session :: Jessica+Scott

Even though the temperatures had dropped…you couldn’t tell by the faces of these two! I met Jessica & Scott down in DC to hopefully catch some Cherry Blossom action. Unfortunately, due to the gorgeous weather we had been having, the blossoms bloomed early, and the weekends wind ended the rest prematurely. 🙁 Regardless – they […]

April 17, 2012