WPPI 2012 Recap Part 2 :: Leaving Las Vegas!

Ok – so you’re caught up on day 1-3 of WPPI in Las Vegas.  If not – check out the first part of the recap HERE!   Now for Monday night – Wednesday. Monday night, after the photo walk with Moshe, I headed straight to Craftsteak for dinner!  I had been dreaming and salivating about their […]

March 8, 2012


WPPI 2012 Recap Part 1 :: Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Attending WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Professionals Int’l) – the biggest photography conference in the world, had me spending 5 days in late February in beautiful sunny Las Vegas!  It was my second time to the conference, and as usual – I threw myself in head first and took advantage of so many different opportunities while […]

March 7, 2012


WPPI 2011 Photo Shoot :: Mad Men at The Palms Place in Las Vegas

Since I am gearing up to head out on Saturday for WPPI 2012, I figured I should probably get around to posting images taken at WPPI 2011!! WPPI is the Wedding and Portrait Professional International – the largest photography convention in the world, and it’s held in Las Vegas. Last year was my first year […]

February 15, 2012


Las Vegas Wedding Bridal Shoot [Baltimore Wedding Photographer]

While I was out in Las Vegas for WPPI this year, I participated in a beautifully styled photoshoot at the Springs Preserve with Bella Signature Designs. The gorgeous Laura Marchbanks & Renee Hatch modeled & rocked the Vera Wang & Luly Yang Couture dresses! And I’m proud to say that some of my images from this […]

May 6, 2011


Back from WPPI! [Baltimore Wedding and Portrait Photographer]

Ok, So technically I’ve been back home for well over a month now.  And I’m finally feeling like I’m catching up.  on sleep. on phone calls. and on editing!   The 4 days in Las Vegas for the 2011 WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Int’l) Conference, followed by the 5 days in Cancun, Mexico, shooting […]

April 13, 2011


Las Vegas Wedding Photoshoot [Baltimore Wedding Photographer]

Some of you may remember, I went to Vegas for WPPI back in February…and I took part in 3 different photoshoots while I was there! This photoshoot put together by Bella Designs at the Springs Preserve was amazing!!  I haven’t been able to share my images online, as we are waiting to see what will get […]

April 1, 2011