Las Vegas Wedding Photoshoot [Baltimore Wedding Photographer]

Some of you may remember, I went to Vegas for WPPI back in February…and I took part in 3 different photoshoots while I was there! This photoshoot put together by Bella Designs at the Springs Preserve was amazing!!  I haven’t been able to share my images online, as we are waiting to see what will get published….but I can share this video OF one of the shoots with you guys! As you can imagine – stellar location, stellar models, stellar styling…I love my images & can’t wait to share them with you guys! Check me out shooting – laying on the ground, sneaking peeks between peoples heads & getting into it!!  Thanks to Studio MSV for sharing the video.




  1. Oooh I can’t wait to see the pictures. This was my first year at WPPI, and I had no idea how to get involved with shoots. I hope I get an opportunity to do so next year.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, I am hoping to get to Wppi next year!

  3. Feuza says:

    I am a little jealous, love the chair, bile and especially wedding dresses and I love back of the scenes

  4. Nice! I’ve seen the move at 1:52 before…! This shoot is on my list for next year.

  5. I was there that day! Saw your page on Bayside bride! Can’t wait to see your pics! 🙂


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