The Kovacs: Pumpkin Patch Mini-Session [Baltimore Family Lifestyle Portrait Photography]

Pumpkins are great in a pie, in a roll, in a spice latte, they can be carved into any sweet or scary face you desire, and they can prop up your favorite little one…at least most of the time! Immediately after taking this happy happy joy joy photo, those nasty pumpkins pushed Mister Logan over! Falldowngoboom! So I had a little chat with the pumpkins, and they promised to behave for the rest of our shoot! Logan, Meghan & Tom came out for one of my mini-sessions at North Run Farm, and the afternoon light was just delectable! Mister Logan is my next door neighbor, and I love seeing his toothless little grin and watching him grow into a mini-Tom! Thanks for a great session guys!







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