The Rachinsky’s : Owings Mills [Baltimore Family Portrait Photographer]

I live in the city and I love it.  I don’t want a yard.  I don’t want to mow grass, or rake leaves, or weed a garden.  But this yard – with the magnificent tree.  With the swooping branches, big enough for an entire family to sit on, could have me rethinking my position on this yard thing.  The golden afternoon light danced through the changing leaves, highlighting this magnificent tree.  While telling me stories about their recent safari trip, Yanna and her son, Danny, shared hearty laughter and huge hugs.  Danny is interested in so many things, from playing the drums, to bike riding, archery, photography, and this thing that was explained to me as “skateboard luging!”  Scary if you ask me!!  So, I’ve thought more about this yard thing…and I think I will stand strong with my decision…and hope that Yanna has me back out to capture more of their family.   And so I can get my swooping-tree-yard fix.  😉   Thanks guys!





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