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vendor-spotlightI’ve had the pleasure of working with Lee and the Clickspark team, and am consistently blown away by their authentic documentation of wedding days!  Photographers and videographers don’t always peacefully coexist, but this is one team that is uber creative, professional, courteous, and I truly enjoy working with!  Whenever my clients ask me for videographer recommendations in the Baltimore area – Clickspark is my go-to!   I’m continuing the Wedding Vendor Spotlight series featuring Q&A with some of my favorite friendors (vendor friends!), and I’m pleased to introduce Lee Morton from Clickspark!

Clickspark Videography team

How did you get into cinematography?

I think I’ve always had this crazy obsession with imagery and motion picture. I quickly discovered the value in recording vacations with my friends.. when weeks later having the ability to re-live it was the coolest thing ever. There’s nothing like living in the moment, but capturing it and reliving it.. life is about experiences and anyway to hold on to em’ a little longer is worth it in my book. Fast forward to weddings – Melissa and I were engaged, stumbled upon a wedding video that told a story and I reached out to them. We booked em for our wedding and I worked an agreement to work alongside with them. I knew I fell in love with it when I didn’t really care about the paycheck I was getting. I just wanted to find the next wedding to shoot. Here we are today having a ball.


I adore you, but why should everyone else?

Well thanks! Great word.. adore. I think when people sign up with having us capture their wedding – we go all in. It’s more than a wedding film for next month. We’re here to create a movie that in decades your children will laugh at – like your hairstyle at the time and what you were wearing. So in half a century your grandchildren will know what their grandparents were like in their hay day. *Grandma had moves back then* type comments. We’re here to create something that maybe in 25 years the path is rocky… re-watch this film to remember why. We’re easy going, passionate and love to be in the moment.

Clickspark Videography

What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?
I love after the bride and groom walk down the aisle and have that little moment together. The audio captured in those few moments are incredible – the celebration of victory of finally accomplishing official togetherness. I like watching Mom when Dad and his daughter dance. I love getting ready in bride prep and it’s hip hop throwback city and everyone’s dancing. I love when during the reception the bridal party drags in an elderly person in the middle of the circle and they break it down. The whole day rocks in so many ways…

Clickspark Videography

Photo credit: Maria Linz Photography
You have a great team working alongside of you – tell me a little bit about them!

Whew – it doesn’t happen without a great team. I’m incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by insanely passionate artists.  (Both internally and among the wedding pros that pour their hearts out for couples).  People that care deeply about delivering beauty and memorable moments. Zach has been instrumental in being a storyteller with Clickspark – filming at events followed by editing the pieces creatively to tell a story. Always pushing himself to try new things and keeping his standards very high. He’s also a great athlete, has a cute lab puppy, bike rider… and a real wise guy, but he means well. Tim is a cinematographer that shoots with us. He’s talented, works his tail off and knows a beautiful shot when he sees it. He also has this crazy blonde hair like a surfer but actually lives in MD. We’ve also recently added Hannah to the Clickspark family and going to blog about her soon.

photo 2What should couples bring to a consultation?
Bring us your story. How’d you meet? How quickly we’re you head over heels on the first date or was it actually a bomb? Tell us what Sunday mornings are like for you.. Bring us your vision for the big day. Bring your specific likes and dislikes about films of ours so we can make yours awesome. Bring a palate for good coffee.

unnamedIs there anything that couples often overlook when planning out their big day?
There’s a few things that come to mind if folks don’t have a planner. Time management is one. Most of the couples have never been married before so they’re unsure about the flow of the day and variables that could make you a little late. Make time for cushion… so you can breath. 


What’s the most important thing couples should consider when choosing their videographer?
The quality of storytelling accompanied by the quality of the footage. What kind of moments are present in the film? Ask them what you actually receive and in what format. Think about the future – in 20 years when a wedding video may be valuable, a DVD may not work. Consider the Videographer’s personality and style of shooting – they will be with you a majority of the day.

Clickspark Videography

What’s the best way for couples to get in touch with you?

And I’m a sweet instagrammer if you want to follow along. 😉 @Clickspark





  1. I worked with Clickspark for the first time this weekend and they’re amazing!

  2. Caitlin says:

    yay clickspark!! such a talented team of cinematographers!!

  3. Brea says:

    This is awesome! I love Lee and I’ve seen several vendor spotlights on him (including my own at the beginning of last year) but this just captures everything about what makes him awesome and so great to work with!


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