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I’m super excited to start a new blog category – Wedding Vendor Spotlights featuring Q&A with some of my favorite friendors (vendor friends!)

To start us off – I’m pleased to introduce Patrick Rife & Nic China from Pixilated Photo Booth!

Tell me how you got started as Professional Photoboothers?
The initial seed for Pixilated Photo Booth started over a decade ago at a cool wedding on a lawn in Maine. I was a guest. There was a photo setup that was amazing; not a booth it should be noted. I’d always thought it would be a cool business. Fast forward a decade, I meet this dude Nic who’s equally ready to do something dynamic. He had a photo booth experience at a wedding so we started researching; and we started making waves. So we went for it. No looking back.

Patrick Nic Pixilated Photo BoothI adore you, but why should everyone else?
We’re a group of people who got really exciting about doing Photo Booths in a unique way. We wanted to innovate and create an experience that was truly of itself. We are a photo booth company first and formost. Pixilated is our everyday, not a weekend side job. In addition we wanted to conduct business in an honest way while having more control over our futures and the way our work can impact our community. That and we have awarehouse loft for parties, so, you know……

tPoz Photography - Pixilated PhotoboothWhat’s your favorite part of a wedding day?
One of the coolest parts of wedding day is the vibe exuded by everyone. It’s an interesting experience to take part in on a regular basis. Families meeting, being positive, wanting to bestow as much good luck on the couple as possible. It’s a beautiful thing that reminds me about the value of community.

Pixilated Photo boothPixilated Photo BoothYou have a great team working alongside of you – tell me a little bit about them!
Pixilated Photo Booth is made possible by a cadre of talented young individuals. Patrick and Nic manage the day-to-day with the invaluable help of Dana and Katie, while our events are filled out by an incredible team of talented photographers. Katie also moonlights as a Pixilator (that’s what we call our booth attendants) alongside Erin, Liz, Sarah, Hope and Ryan. Our Pixilators are also artists in their own right. Stay tuned to our website for profiles and features of their work soon!

What should couples bring to a consultation?
Our consultations may be the easiest part of the entire process. All the couples need is themselves. Generally speaking, we meet, small talk for a minute and then Get Pixilated! After that it’s pretty much a wrap. No seriously, if you come to PixilatedHQ it’s a done deal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. We’re pretty cool.

Is there anything that couples often overlook when planning out their big day?
Since photo booths are a fairly new feature in the wedding space I think they sometimes get overlooked when the event layout is being done. There’s a totally awesome dance floor to photo booth ratio that not everyone realizes. The closer we get the radder the party. It’s science.

Pixilated PhotoboothWhat’s the most important thing couples should consider when choosing their photo booth company?
One of the most important things couples can do when choosing a photo booth vendor is to check their credentials. This is still a relatively young industry with a lot of variety in quality levels. There are great photo booth companies out there you just need to make sure you hire one of them. We place our reviews front and center so our clients can clearly see the professionalism they’ll receive if they choose to work with us.

What’s the best way for couples to get in touch with you?
The absolute easiest way to touch base with us about booking a Pixilated Booth is via  In**@Pi*****************.com but we definitely have a really strong Social Media presence and we encourage you to check out our website too. I’ve linked to the best spots below.
WEBSITE   •    EMAIL    •     1-888-902-0054
Anything else you want to share!?
We strive to deliver an exceptional photo booth experience. Whether it’s something we do on a regular basis or something we’ve never done before there are no challenges the team of creatives at Pixilated can’t handle. Lastly don’t hesitate to call and ask questions if you have them. We love to talk. Well, Patrick does so ask for him. Peace. 




  1. Brea says:

    “There’s a totally awesome dance floor to photo booth ratio that not everyone realizes. The closer we get the radder the party. It’s science.”

    So true! Especially with Pixilated 🙂 Love this!

  2. Caitlin says:

    I’ve heard great things about them!! Photobooths really are so much fun!


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