Volunteering @ Earl’s Place [Baltimore Photographer Volunteering]

Back in December, I volunteered my photography services for a local faith-based non-profit organization called Earl’s Place.

From their website:
“Earl’s Place is a transitional housing program providing long-term (up to two years) of housing and supportive services to seventeen men at a time.
Our clients are provided with a permanent address and a place to receive mail and phone calls. Most importantly, they have a place to call home, where concerns such as having a clean, safe place to sleep, shower, and keep their belongings is alleviated. For some this is the first time they have had a key of their own.

The program promotes independence and acquisition of skills using a model that emphasizes individual responsibility and accountability. Once accepted into the program, each man is provided with intensive case management to determine both short and long-term goals, as well as to ensure access to community services including health care, education, and job training.

Ultimately, the residents are assisted in obtaining affordable, permanent housing. One year of formal aftercare is provided to help ensure success.”

I joined some of the residents and the staff members, as they decorated the house for Christmas. I enjoyed the time I spent at the house, and it inspired me to do more volunteer work….Keep an eye on the blog for the ‘Hotties in Hairnets’!!

If you want to volunteer, but don’t know how, or where to look – you can start with the Catholic Charities organization –http://www.catholiccharities-md.org/volunteer/






  1. Hello there, stopping by from Bloggy Moms! I guess that is not exactly true. I hopped from Bloggy Moms to clusterlove.blogspot.com and that is where I found you. I am from Maryland (cecil county) and can not wait to get back. If you drop by my site, you will see that I use plenty of stock photos. Who knows, maybe we can do some busines.


    I look forward to following your blog.


  2. tmdawson says:

    So fantastic that you were able to capture this organization and all they do for the community!


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