Wadsworth Mansion Wedding Sneak Peek : Jaclyn+Mike [Baltimore Wedding Photographer]

The details of a wedding make my heart go all a-flutter. And this wedding had details ga-LORE! Jaclyn + Mike put so much thought & effort into the details, and really made this wedding beautiful. The Wadsworth mansion was a side accent to the phenomenal DIY details – which required trips to Michael’s Craft Store in 5 different states! Several of their Baltimore friends, joined their Connecticut friends and family for a celebration of regal proportions. Can’t wait to share the rest with you guys! Jaclyn+Mike – enjoy your Mediterranean cruise! Jealous!! A big thanks to Josh Guiles, who helped me capture the moments and details of the day. 

Josh captured this moment ^ Mike was so excited to marry Jaclyn, that he said her vows in addition to his own! Everyone had a good laugh when he said “I Jaclyn, take you Mike….”





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