2013 Goals :: Check-in

So I debated just blowing off this blogpost, and starting fresh with my 2014 goals…but facing what I haven’t accomplished, is as important as what I DID accomplish!  So here is a rundown of the goals I set for myself on 1.1.13, and how I tackled them.  Business definitely took a priority this year, but personal goals will get a nudge in 2014  😉

tPoz Photo goals :: 

  • Book and shoot 25 weddings in 2013  – I shot 25 + 2nd shot a bunch!
  • Book and shoot a same-sex wedding (Thanks to Maryland’s Question 6!)  – Hooray!  I shot Liz+Roza’s wedding in September!
  • Design and launch new website – Check!!  Completed in February!
  • Either redesign blog or switch to new blogging platform  – Check!  Completed in February!
  • Deliver wedding images in less time  – For the most part, yes!! Still working on increasing speed of delivery!
  • Submit weddings for publication – 1x month  – nope, slacked on this. But I did submit a few weddings this year, including Michelle+Robert’s Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding, which made it into the Baltimore Bride Magazine!
  • Book more surprise proposals – goal of 3x year  – Check!  I shot 6 Surprise Engagement Proposals, including my own sisters!!
  • Rework packaging – I practically eliminated packaging this year, moving to digital downloads.
  • Blog at least 2x week – nope.  slacked.
  • Include more personal blog posts – 1x month  – nope.
  • Say NO to discounts and not feel bad about it.  – For the most part, yes!!!  still working on this, but will check it off anyways!
  • Design and order 2 new sample albums  – Yes!  I love my new albums & plan to order a couple more in 2014!
  • Create a production schedule and hang on wall  – nope, never happened.
  • Networking – 1x month with wedding vendors  – ehhh, kinda?!  I have a lunch group that we meet up frequently, but need to get to more networking events…
  • Blog weddings that I 2nd shot in 2011 and 2012!  – nope.  and now I need to add 2013 weddings that I second shot into the mix….

Personal goals – they kind of got the shaft this year….oops!!

  • clear the clutter of my workspace!  – as I look around my cluttered workspace, I have to laugh & give this a big fat NOPE.
  • clean out the basement  – we did!  but we really need a bigger house with storage – there just isn’t anywhere for all of our stuff to go!
  • repaint the living room and bathrooms  – nope – on the radar.
  • buy/make a shoe/coat organizer  – nope  🙁  something I desperately need too!!
  • participate in the Photo-A-Day 365 project – with the goal of actually completing 200 days of it  😉 – didn’t even get 1 day of this…
  • book a photo session for Poz and I (the best I have recently is a self-iPhone pic! ugh!)   YES!!!  I booked us an anniversary photo shoot while we were in St. Maarten in May!
  • print and frame favorite images  – nope  🙁
  • cook more often  – yes?  I think Pinterest has helped, but I’m still no Martha…
  • eat at 10 new restaurants  – if there is one thing I do well – it’s EAT!  But I honestly would have thought this list would be bigger – I tried Fleet Street Kitchen, Bagby Pizza, Petit Louis Bistro, Baba’s, Banditos, Birrotecca, Samos, The Food Market, liv2eat, The Sushi Place, Kumari, Waterfront Kitchen, La Palapa, Shiso
  • give up fast food for January  (omg I’m going to miss Five Guys!!!)  YES!! & plan to do again this January  (I think I should run to get Five Guys now!!)
  • travel to see family in Florida and possibly Germany – nope, but on my radar!
  • talk the hubs into spending New Years Eve 2013 in our favorite place – St. Maarten! – welp, we’re here in Baltimore today, but I do think I’ve convinced him to spend Valentine’s Day there instead!
  • develop a game plan to move into a home with more space and parking.  YES!  The plan is to move in about a year.  We are still undecided on location, but we will figure it out  😉
  • volunteer 1-2x’s a month  – sadly, nope. Unless you consider fostering pups volunteering?  We took in 4 foster dogs this year & found them great homes  🙂

SO I have lots to cheer about, and lots to focus on!  Bring it 2014!!   And because a post isn’t fun w/o pics – here are a few from our anniversary sesh in SXM!

St. Maarten Anniversary Photo Shoot






  1. Brea says:

    Fostering totally counts!! You’re awesome for doing that!

    I also totally fell short on my personal goals… and have debated blowing off my 2013 goal check in post too. Haha. Happy new year!

  2. What a great blog post. Inspirational! Good work and good luck next year.

  3. Aw your anniversary pics are SO CUTE! 🙂

  4. Kate Ann says:

    Congratulations on meeting so many of your goals! I hope you have a splendid new year!


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