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As you probably know – I spend a lot of time over at BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter) walking and photographing the dogs that are available for adoption.  It helps to get them out of their kennels for a brief time, lets them get some energy out, and I get some therapy from their unconditional lovings ::

You may remember that we fostered Lorraine for a while back in October.…well, another great opportunity to foster presented itself this week.  On Monday, I picked up Precious from BARCS, and brought her home to the Poz Palace.  5 year old Precious was brought to the shelter, clearly recently having giving birth to puppies, but no puppies were with her.  She was still lactating, and is seriously emaciated.  Her time was up at the shelter, and she would have been euthanized simply due to lack of space. Even though she obviously has not been treated right in her lifetime, she is the most loving creature you can imagine!  Wanting nothing more than to crawl into my lap for some snuggles, Precious doles out gentle kisses, and her ‘old soul’ eyes just say *thank you*   It breaks my heart to think about what she must have gone through in her life, but happy to know that she will never go back to it again.

Precious will be staying with us for about a week, until she will go to her “less temporary” (amazing!) foster home while she looks for her Fur-Ever home.  She is going to make one special family very happy!!  She’s been a wonderful guest thus far – she took her bath & nail clippings with no issue, she’s house-trained & loves snoozing in her crate.  We’re working on fattening her up, and slowly introducing her to Holly Pancetta  🙂

If you have the heart and the home, please consider 
fostering for BARCS.  You will literally be saving not just one life, but two, and your karma will be that much richer  🙂   If you aren’t able to adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, donate.  Donate money, old linens & towels,  treats, leashes, collars, tennis balls, etc.…  The smallest gesture can mean the world to a homeless dog or cat.  

Much Love ♥ tPoz




  1. BaltimoreGal says:

    Thanks Teri! I adored that skinny momma at the shelter, thanks to you and the Poz for taking her in.

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