Sneak Peek @ Surprise Beach Engagement Proposal :: Jason+Jenn

So excited – I just couldn’t wait to share!!!
This past week, I got the chance to go and visit my little (notsolittle) brother & his girlfriend down in the Navarre/Destin/Pensacola area of Florida. The planning & excitement leading up to this particular trip was crazy for me….

We were planning to do a shoot while I was down there…so that they could have some nice pics. And THAT we certainly did! But little did Jenn know, my brother had been planning & scheming to propose to her during the shoot! 

We had a gorgeous sunset, and they were perfect models for me. We had some code words (which Jason ignored or didn’t hear!) so the actual question came at the very end. We were heading back to the car, and I started to panic that he hadn’t done it yet & we were pretty much out of light…so I made them stop for one last shot. I had Jenn sit on Jason’s knee. When I was finished getting the portrait, Jenn said “Jason get up!” He said “No, I’m ok right here” I couldn’t hear the rest, for the wind kept their words to each other. But the look on both of their faces, once Jason (finally) popped the question was priceless! I am SO happy that I could be there, and capture this moment for them.  Can’t wait to share the rest of the images!!

Jenn – I can’t wait to welcome you to the family! Jason – great job kiddo! 

Much Love, tPoz





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