Sick…but Loved.

So, I’m feeling quite under the weather today.  Nothing major – just the sniffles, coughies & icky sinus pressure.  Seems like everyone else is doing it, I just jumped on the bandwagon!  But even though I feel sick…I’m still feeling the love….in a major way.

Yesterday, hubby made me a delicious filet mignon with grilled asparagus plated in the shape of a heart, with an arrow through it.  He also brought me two bunches of yellow and pink tulips!   And to top it off, Skinny Cow Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream for dessert!   blessedbe.

This morning, my delightful little snuggle puppy sat so patiently in the beautiful light, and graciously modeled for me as I snapped away.  (treat in hand….bribes work wonderfully!)

And today, I was reminded how truly awesome my job is, and how lucky I am to have such amazing clients.  My bride & groom from my March 19th wedding, saw that I was sick on Facebook, and brought me a big bunch of flowers!  They ROCK!

I’m off to take a little nap, with the hope that I can feel a little better – enough to go out for a drink w/my “brother” Curtis’ birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Curt!

And because a post stinks w/o pics….flowers & pups!






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